tear sheets from my feature in this month’s issue of Gothesque magazine which you can purchase here: www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/730710
Model cervena Fox:https://www.facebook.com/cervenafox
Studio: Photo bang bang www.photobangbang.com
For more from this set you can check out my facebook page:www.facebook.com/pages/Monochrome-Romance-Photography/159978034023638


Photo Shot By: @girlofgreys

"HOLY FUCK" Tee By: @glamourgunz @llea_z @momagerd

Jewelry By: @vitalydesign

Watch By: @dieselpics

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Shoot i did the other day!

Animalistic series i did

Models: Sad Panda: Kelsi K. Rose, Kitten: Carissa
MUA/H: Beauty By Alissa
Photography by Monochrome romance Photography

My 6 page spread in freque magazine is out! Vol 7 Part 1 pick up yours today! www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/707374

"Dripping in gold"

Model: Tiarra Darling

Muah: Beauty by Alissa

Photographer/Wardrobe/Set design: Me/ Monochrome Romance Photography

Studio: Photo Bang Bang

The chest piece is available on my etsy shop! www.etsy.com/shop/PoeticThread

A small rant as a photographer

My favorite things to read and hear as a photographer: “I love your work and would love to work with you! Here are my rates!”

Please allow me to elaborate a little on everything that goes into one of my photo shoots. First it starts with an idea,inspiration,song. Then comes the planning for wardrobe,props,makeup,hair,accessories,lighting.Most of my shoots have at least one custom piece made by me which means this costs money for materials and uses my personal time. Once all of this has been done then i can begin to cast my model. 

So no…if you like my style and my work. i believe it is only fair to pay me for my idea,my talent,my time.